Training session on bioenergy and presentation on the results of the US-Brazil Biofuels Iniciatives in El Salvador.

The Department of Sustainable Development of the OAS is organizing a training session on bioenergy and a briefing meeting for the presentation of results of the activities conducted under the US-Brazil Biofuels Bilateral Agreement.

Two projects have been carried out in El Salvador, results to be presented include a Technical and Policy Assistance for Biofuel Market Development and a Biofuels Feasibility Study, both projects are oriented to promote sustainable bioenergy activities; this, with the overarching goal to diversify the energy production mix to ensure energy security, improvement of socio-economic sustainability, and environmental protection.

El Salvador, from July 13 to 14, 2009. Participants will include government representatives, non-governmental organizations, academia, and representatives of the private sector including the sugar cane industry and the fuels association.