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The network organizes international workshops and conferences  to integrate the participants and consolidate the processes of exchange of information between countries.The idea is to keep a continuous communication between the members. It  is important  to be able to rely on updated information  about the processes that countries are  developing  to conserve and  elevate the level of efficiency of the protected areas. These meetings are maintained with the support of organizations such as  the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), the Amazon Cooperation Treaty (OTCA), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Embassy of Holland in Colombia.

In June 2005, a group of 7 official delegates of the tropical Andean countries and Brazil, meet in Gamboa, Panama to discuss the state of the Protected Areas in the Amazon basin and eastern tropical Andes. Delegates of the WWF (Switzerland), BioParques –ParksWatch, the Inter American Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN) and the Centre de Cooperation Internationale pour le recherché agronomique et développement-CIRAD (this delegate made a presentation of Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana). This meeting was financially supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore foundation, (GBMF), also present in the meeting. This meeting consolidated the process of data gathering and generated relevant suggestions to improve the database. It was also pointed out the relevance of establishing a stable communication mechanism to share experiences. Representatives of the governmental offices responsible for the national protected areas in the Amazon basin of Brazil (IBAMA), Bolivia (SERNAP), Peru (INRENA), Ecuador (DNBAP-MMA), Colombia (UAESPNN) and Venezuela (INPARQUES).

 BARRO COLORADO Nature Monument ● Protected area under 1940 Convention on nature Protection and Wildlife Preservation in the Western Hemisphere.

The network AAPAD has been working in the development of horizontal and international cooperation to establish a common framework of information. A main focus is the data interoperability, based on a lingua franca or standard way to report basic elements for description, diagnosis and prognosis of the areas in the Amazon basin.




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