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Instruments by Conference

To date, six CIDIP Conferences have been held in various cities throughout the Americas: CIDIP-I was held in Panama City, Panama in 1975; CIDIP-II was held in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1979; CIDIP-III was held in La Paz, Bolivia in 1984; CIDIP-IV was held in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1989; CIDIP-V was held in Mexico City, Mexico in 1994; and CIDIP-VI was held at OAS headquarters in Washington DC in 2002. CIDIP-VII was recently convened by the OAS General Assembly and will be held at a date and location set in the near future.  

The CIDIP process has produced 26 Inter-American Instruments (including 20 Conventions, 3 Protocols, 1 Model Law and 2 Uniform Documents). These instruments cover various topics and are designed to create an effective legal framework for judicial cooperation between Inter-American states and to add legal certainty to cross border transactions in civil, family, commercial and procedural dealings of individuals in the Inter-American context. 


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