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[Work Plan]

Inter-American Children’s Institute (IIN)

1. Activities Assigned by the Program

The Program assigns the following two specific activities to the Inter-American Children’s Institute:

Include in its activities the special situation of unaccompanied migrant children.

  Include in its activities the protection of juvenile victims of trafficking in persons.

2. Activities Carried Out

Objective No. 1: “Promotion of the exchange of best practices and cooperation among sending, transit, and receiving countries in order to fully respect and protect the human rights of all migrants, including migrant workers and their families.”

  III Forum of NGOs on Children and Adolescents in Ibero-America, Committee on the subject of “Migrations,” October 3-5, 2006, Montevideo; played an active part with the meeting’s technical committee in preparing the working document for the Forum. The technical committee comprised NGOs and international organizations. The Institute also contributed pertinent and up-to-date information on the key subject of the databases being developed by the IIN’s PIINFA Information Program.

  Ibero-American Conference of Ministers and High-Level Officials responsible for Child and Adolescent Affairs, “Migration and its Effects on the Rights of Children and Adolescents,” October 5-7, 2006, Montevideo. IIN’s participation took various forms.

  Keynote lecture by the Acting Director General of the IIN, entitled “Migrations, from solidarity to insensitivity: an overdue but latent debate.”

  Participation in the technical committee organizing the meeting in July-October 2006. Participation and moderator functions in the technical discussion groups with the specialists accompanying the ministerial delegations, parallel to the Ministerial Meeting.

  III Conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Network Childwatch International, “Childhood and Youth: Dislocations and Changes,” July 17-19, 2006, Mexico City. The IIN has been a member of the Childwatch International Researchers Network for many years. On this occasion, it took part in the roundtable discussion of “Dislocations and Changes” and presented a research paper prepared specifically for the meeting, entitled “Children, Rights, and Migration.”

Objective No. 2: “Effective and efficient migration management, through the exchange of best practices with a view to achieving organized, fair, and controlled migration processes, which may constitute a factor in economic and social development and take family interests into account, including family reunification.”

The “Site for the Coordination of Actions for Children and Adolescents” is a project implemented by the IIN with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), in order to help generate integral information forums that may help bring about changes in the living conditions of children and adolescents in the Americas. This site includes information on Central America, Belize, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

The aim of the Site is to make working mechanisms and procedures available to encourage coordinated actions by those involved in children’s rights issues, so as to generate greater efficiency in the exchange of information, coordination, and monitoring of regional policies and situations regarding children.

It allows different countries to coordinate and work together to solve problems (specific cases) concerning children and adolescents which originate in a specific country and can involve other countries in the region. Some of these cases may be:

  Illicit international transfer of children by one of their parents;

  Support obligations of parents residing in a country other than that of their children;

  Inter-country adoptions;

Disappearance of children and adolescents;

  Traffic and trade of children and adolescents;

  Commercial and non-commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents living outside the country;

  Return of children to their nuclear family;

  All types of situations in which the basic rights of children and adolescents are violated and they are in a country other than that of their parents.

Objective No. 3: “Prevention and technical cooperation in the fight against trafficking in persons, investigation, and criminal prosecution of the persons responsible for this crime, and protection and assistance to victims of trafficking.” And “[P]revention and technical cooperation in the fight against the smuggling of migrants, and investigation and criminal prosecution of migrant smugglers.”

  Signature of the “General Cooperation Agreement between the Inter-American Children’s Institute and the Inter-American Center against Disappearance, Exploitation, and Trafficking.”

• With the signing of this agreement came joint participation in the “Launching of the International Campaign to Find Disappeared Children” on May 25, 2006, International Disappeared Children’s Day.

•  Dissemination of the www.latinoamericanosdesaparecidos.org/voluntarios.php, website to find volunteers for detecting and preventing the disappearance of children of the inter-American system.

  Signature of the “Cooperation Agreement between Save the Children Sweden and the Inter-American Children’s Institute.” One of the most salient projects in the framework of this Agreement – namely the “Comprehensive Study of Laws and Public Policies against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Latin America” – is currently underway. An outcome of this study will be a meticulous piece of research focusing on two broad areas: the policies developed in this field by the countries in the inter-American system, as expressed in their National Action Plans, and an exhaustive directory of national laws and regulations specifically related to commercial sexual exploitation and closely related laws and regulations, such as those governing migration and migration policies in Latin America.

  Ever since resolution AG/RES. 1667 (XXIX-O/99) of June 7, 1999, the IIN has presented the OAS General Assembly with its “Report to the OAS Secretary General on the Situation of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in the Americas.” The seventh report was presented in 2006.

3. Activities Being Planned

  Completion of the definitive study for the project entitled “Inter-American Observatory on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents” to be developed with Save the Children Sweden and ECPAT International.

  Planning implementation of the “Children’s Rights Monitoring System” (RMS) of the Child and Family Inter-American Information Program (PIINFA).

  Production of the Eighth Report to the OAS Secretary General on the Situation of Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Americas, which comprises:

  Compiling information from 34 member states of the OAS, and preparing a consultation protocol on public policies, legislation, and monitoring systems.

  Processing the information obtained and preparing a draft paper with the principal findings.

  Supporting the preparation of national action plans for the eradication of the commercial and non-commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in the framework of the public policies and sound practices available in the inter-American system.

  Prepare an analytical report on national action plans for eradicating child labor in the inter-American system, as an input for drawing up a regional strategy for fighting this phenomenon.

  “Inter-American Program of Cooperation to Prevent and Remedy Cases of International Abduction of Children by One of Their Parents,” which will entail, inter alia:

  Permanent coordination with Hague Convention representation

  Organizing the first meeting of government experts with the participation of the central government authorities of member states of the Organization of American States.

  Generating a preliminary draft model law for Preventing and Remedying Cases of International Abduction of Children by One of Their Parents.

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