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Work Plan
The Inter-American Program for the Promotion and Protection of the Human Rights of Migrants, in order to ensure its proper implementation, instructs the Secretary General to prepare, present, and update a Work Plan designed for planning and implementing the activities and objectives of the Program.

The Program assigns 33 specific activities to the different areas in the General Secretariat. These activities, designed to promote public policies and practices for the protection of migrants, cover a wide spectrum which ranges from dissemination of information on existing legislation, to concrete actions for promoting the human rights of migrants.

The Work Plan itself represents one of two important follow-up mechanisms (the other being annual Special Sessions for the evaluation and improvement of the Program) and provides a timetable schedule for the manner in which the relevant organs, organisms and agencies of the OAS will carry out the activities entrusted to them by the Program.

The links to the left provide a copy of the Work Plan, as well as specific information in the manner in which each area of the OAS General Secretariat is currently implementing the activities enunciated in the Program and Work Plan.

Finally, it should also be mentioned that the Program recommends more than 100 other activities to three additional groups of implementers: OAS member states, multilateral and regional organizations, and civil society organizations. These include signing, ratifying, or acceding to universal and inter-American human rights and migrants’ rights instruments, reviewing their legislation to ensure that it is consistent with the obligation to respect migrants’ human rights; training government officials who perform migration-related functions in the legal framework with respect to migration and the protection of the human rights of migrants, and so on.

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