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Special Rapporteur on Migrants
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Responding to a specific request on the part of the OAS’s General Assembly [AG/RES. 1404 XXVI-O/96] and [AG/RES 1480 XXVII-O/97], the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights established a Special Rapporteurship on Migrant Workers and their Families in 1997. Chosen among the seven Commissionners that compose the Commission, the current Rapporteur for the the Protection of the Human Rights of Migrants is Freddy Gutiérrez Trejo, a Venezuelan attorney and professor who was appointed by the Commission in 2001. The functions and objectives of the Rapporteurship include, notably, to heighten States’s awareness of their duty to respect the human rights of migrant workers and their families; to formulate recommandations to States in that regard; to draft reports and special studies regarding this issue in the Americas; and to respond promptly to petitions or communications that allege a given violation of the human rights of migrant workers and their families on the territory of any member states of the OAS.


Special Rapporteur


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