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General Assembly Mandates

Underscoring the importance of protecion of the human rights of migrants, the General Assembly has provided several mandates to its organs and member states contained in the following resolutions.

The General Assembly, through its resolutions [AG/RES. 2224 (XXXVI-O/06)] and [AG/RES. 2248 (XXXVI-O/06)], approved a series of additional mandates regarding the protection of the human rights of migrants, among which the following are worth noting: a call to the Secretary General that, in accordance with the Program and with the cooperation of the organs, organisms and pertinent entities of the OAS, to develop and present the Work Plan necessary to continue the specific activities anticipated by said Program.

The General Assembly also requires that the Permanent Council hold at least two special sessions on the issue of migrants within the next ten months. The first of these sessions is a CAJP session that will take place during the first semester of 2007 with the participation of government experts and representatives of organs, organisms and entities of the Inter-American system, other international organizations and civil society, to exchange best practices and activities held past year with the support of the Program, as well as new proposals that could be included in the Program. The second is a Special Session that will take place during the second semester of 2006 to study the impact of human migration flows in the member states and its relationship with the human rights of migrant workers. In addtion to the special sessions, the General Assembly requested to the CAJP to periodically summon the organs, organisms and entities of the OAS to faciliate dialogue with the member states on the implementation of the activities assigned to the Organization by the Program.

On the other hand, the General Assembly delegated a study for the possible establishment of a Special Commission of Migrant Affairs of the Permanent Council to analize migration issues and flows from an integral perspective, taking into account the relevant dispositions of international law, in particular international human rights law.

Finally, the General Assembly delegated to the Permanent Council the establishment of a fund specifically for voluntary donations, for the financing of the activities assigned to the organs, organisms and entities of the OAS in support of the Program.

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