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Role of the Department of International Law
The Department of International Law lends support to the General Secretariat and to its political bodies in various important activities for the implementation of the Program.

Among the activities of the Program that have taken place, the Office participated and will continue actively participating in the following manner: in drafting the program; in organizing and participating in the Working Group on the Program; in organizing and participating in the annual sessions of the Program; in drafting the annual reports of the program; in supporting the different organs, organisms and entities of the OAS and in implementing the Program and presenting its reports to the General Assembly; and members, among others.

In this way, the General Assembly entrusted the Department of International Law to, in addition to its support functions to the political bodies, disseminate the Inter-American Program in its classes, seminars, publication, website, and other activities.

The Program and the General Assembly require, in addition, two activities and two Special Sessions that have not taken place: first, as it was mentioned, they require that the General Secretary develop a Work Plan for the implementation of the Program; second, they require Meetings of Experts to take place to make recommendation on migrants to the Summit of the Americas; third, they require an Annual Special Session for the implementation of the Program; and fourth, they require a Special Session on the Flow of Migrant Persons. The Department of International Law will lend its support on these activities.

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