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Role of the OAS
As in other regions of the world, in the Americas, migration has increased in magnitude and significance in the last decades and has transformed practically all the countries of the hemisphere into countries of origin, transit and destination of migrants.

As a result of this, migration (specially the regulation and protection of the human rights of migrants) has been transformed into a priority issue in the political and diplomatic agendas of many countries, Heads of States, and of the Governments at the Summit of the Americas, and the OAS.

The primary efforts of the OAS in regards to the issue of migration center on the Protection of the Human Rights of Migrant Workers through the role that the General Assembly plays in the political process of the Organization and through the Inter-American Program for the Protection of the Human Rights of Migrant Workers and their Families (approved by the General Assembly through Resolution [AG/RES. 2141 (XXXV-O/05)].

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