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Confidence and security-building measures


Meeting of Experts on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures - Miami, February 3-4, 2003


Agenda RESEGRE/doc. 1/03 rev. 1


Calendar RESEGRE/doc. 2/03 rev. 1


Rules of Procedure RESEGRE/doc. 3/03 rev. 1


Consensus of Miami - Declaration by the Experts on Confidence- and Security-building Measures:  Recommendations to the summit-mandated Special Conference on Security RESEGRE/doc. 4/03 rev. 3


List of documents RESEGRE/doc. 5/03


Illustrative list of confidence- and security-building measures RESEGRE/doc. 6/03 rev. 3


Report of the Rapporteur RESEGRE/doc. 7/03


List of Participants RESEGRE/doc. 8/03 rev. 1


Draft rules of procedure CP/CSH-505/02 rev. 1


Draft resolution:  Approval of the date, agenda and calendar, and rules of procedure CP/CSH-506/02 rev. 1


United States national strategy to secure cyberspace (Presented by the Delegation of the United States) CP/CSH/INF.15/02

  • United States national strategy to secure cyberspace (Statement delivered  by Ms. Michele G. Markoff Senior Coordinator for International Critical Infrastructure Protection Policy, United States Department of State) add. 1

Meeting of Experts on Confidence and Security Building Measures Draft Declaration of Miami on Confidence and Security Building Measures CP/CSH-528/02 rev. 4 corr. 1


Notice:  CP/INF.4783/02


Declaration of Kingstown on the Security of Small Island States SEPEIN-II/doc. 8 rev. 2





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