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Confidence and security-building measures

Inventory on the application of confidence- and security-building measures

  • Inventory of Confidence- and Security -Building Measures applied by the Member States of the OAS 1996 -1999. Document prepared by the General Secretariat CP/CSH-275/00

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The General Assembly, through resolutions AG/RES. 1409 (XXVI-O/96), AG/RES. 1494 (XXVII-O/97), AG/RES. 1566 (XXVIII-O/98), and AG/RES. 1623 (XXIX-O/99), has called upon and urged all member states to provide to the Permanent Council, through its Committee on Hemispheric Security, prior to April 15 of each year, information on the application of confidence- and security-building measures, so as to facilitate the preparation of the complete and systematic inventory of these measures, in light of the provisions of the Declaration of Santiago and resolutions AG/RES. 1284 (XXIV-O/94) and AG/RES. 1288 (XXIV-O/94). These resolutions also request the Secretary General to maintain and facilitate access to the inventory.

It has also invited the Inter-American Defense Board to provide, pursuant to resolution AG/RES. 1240 (XXIII-O/93), advisory and consultative services on confidence- and security-building measures of a military nature, when the Permanent Council so requests, and has asked it to keep an updated inventory of these measures and to prepare draft guidelines for the standardized presentation of the information provided by member states pursuant to resolution AG/RES. 1409 (XXVI-O/96).

For further information on the Inter-American Defense Board’s inventory of measures, please consult its Web page.


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