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Cooperation for Hemispheric Security


Reports and documents


Report On Signatures And Ratifications Of The Inter-American Convention On Transparency In Conventional Weapons Acquisitions CP/CSH-517/02 rev.2


Health and Hemispheric Security (Presentation by the Pan American Health) CP/CSH/INF.17/02 


2003-2004 work plan schedule of meetings from February to May 2004 and recommendations of the Special Conference on Security CP/doc.-596/03 rev. 1 add. 1


Declaration on Security in the Americas: Excerpts relating to cooperation and coordination (Presented by the Chair for the Committee's consideration) CP/CSH-596/03 rev. 1 add. 2


Draft resolution Inter-American contribution to disarmament and non-proliferation education (Presented by the delegation of Mexico) CP/CSH-639/04


Summary report on the recommendations of the Committee on Hemispheric Security concerning the mandates it received (2003-2004 term) CP/CSH-644/04


Draft resolution:  The Americas as a biological- and chemical- weapons-free region CP/CSH-689/05 rev. 1


Draft resolution:  Cooperation for security in the hemisphere CP/CSH-753/06 rev. 5


Draft resolution:  Addressing extreme poverty, inequality, and social exclusion as a means of strengthening hemispheric security CP/CSH-756/06 rev. 2



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