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Meetings of Experts - scale of quota

Meeting  August 27-28, 2007

Agenda GTT/MEC/doc.2/07 rev. 1

Elements of a Draft Scale of Quota Assessments, in percentage terms, for 2009 and beyond GTT/MEC/doc.3/07

Comments of the General Secretariat on note OEA02037 of the Permanent Mission of Mexico, dated August 10, 2007, on the working materials distributed on July 2 to the Group of Experts to Develop a Methodology for Assessing Quotas, in Percentage Terms, for 2009 and subsequent years GTT/MEC/doc.4/07

Proposed Methodology for the Calculation of the Scale of Quotas of the Organization of American States GTT/MEC/doc.5/07 rev. 1

Report of the Chair of the Working Group of Experts convened to develop a proposed methodology for calculating the scale of quota assessments for 2009 and subsequent years GTT/MEC/doc.6/07

Meeting  January 18-19, 2006

Draft agenda REG/NEC/doc.1/06 rev. 1

Proposed scale of quotas for the Organization of American States - Suggested parameters for reaching consensus REG/NEC/doc.2/06 corr. 2

Statement by the Delegation of Brazil REG/NEC/doc.3/06

Remarks by the Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador  Albert R. Ramdin REG/NEC/doc.4/06

Intervention by the Delegation of Canada REG/NEC/doc.5/06

Report of the Chair REG/NEC/doc.6/06 corr. 2



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