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Subcommittee on Administrative and Budgetary Affairs
- Forty-first Regular Session - El Salvador 2011


Draft resolution Financing of the 2012 Program-Budget of the Organization (Approved at the meeting of May 23, 2011) AG/CP/SUB.AAP-360/11 rev. 2

Draft Program-Budget for 2012 Financing Proposal AG/CP/SUB.AAP-362/11

Report of the Chair of the Subcommittee on Administrative and Budgetary Matters of the Preparatory Committee of the Forty-First Regular Session of the General Assembly (To be presented to the Preparatory Committee at its meeting of May 25, 2011) AG/CP/SUB.AAP-364/11 rev. 1

Orders of business
23  May 2011
19 May 2011



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