How to order

How to order OAS Official Documents

The Columbus Memorial Library makes available OAS Official documents to libraries and researchers. We encourage institutions to provide us with a Purchase Order number so that we can bill accordingly. Libraries will be billed every quarter with a listing of all documents requested. Individuals will be required to send a check or money order before the documents are delivered.

Prices are as follows: For hardcopy documents (1889-present), the minimum charge is $5.00 or 0.25 per page

Microfiche (1961-1979) please contact or by fax at (202) 458-3914

Microfiche (1980-1999) Silver Halide $1750.00 or Diazo $975.00 plus $25.00 Shipping & Handling

Please contact the Documents Librarian, René Gutiérrez at (202) 458-6233 or send a written request via e-mail to or by fax at (202) 458-3914


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