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Access to the Sea - Bolivia

Leo S. Rowe Manuscript Collection


Malvinas Islands

CIP (Cataloging in Publication)

Chaco War

Cuba - Resolution on Cuba. Pan-Americanism
  • Secretary General
  • Assistant Secretary General
Pan American Day


Gabriela Mistral Papers - Index Pan American Union
General Assemblies 

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Permanent Council - Protocolary Sessions   

Reunión Ad Hoc de Ministros de Relaciones Exteriores -Resoluciones

MRE/RES.1/91; MRE/RES.2/91;

MRE/RES.3/92 corr.1; MRE/RES.4/92

MRE/RES.5/93 corr.1;MRE/RES.6/94




Records Management Manual

 Heroes of the Americas


TIAR  (Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance)

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) White Helmets



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