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The mountain regions of El Salvador have some temperate grasslands, with oak and pine trees. In the plains and valleys, there are small trees, bushes and subtropical grasslands. The Balsa, one of the more common types of trees in El Salvador, is known for its beauty and perfume. Its trunk makes excellent lumber, as well as resin used in antiseptics and medicinal gums. The national tree of El Salvador, the Maquilishuat, is also known for its beautiful pink blooms. Several types of palm and coconut trees also grow in the coastal zones, producing a variety of tropical fruit.



Most wildlife in El Salvador can be found in the bird population: wild duck, heron and the urraca are common in the small country. Rodents, reptiles and insects of all kinds are prevalent. Also, a variety of fish and aquatic reptiles such as crocodiles inhabit the country's water bodies.







Updated: 21 April 2008

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