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The Campanula Rotundifolia is an Arctic-Alpine plant from the Bellflower family. On the island of Newfoundland, Campanula Rotundifolia is abundantly found, especially along the coastal areas.*

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Campanula Rotundifolia


The Iris Setosa ssp. Canadensis is a beach-head iris from the Iris family. It is commonly found on the coastlines of Newfoundland.*

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Iris Setosa


The Amerorchis Rotundifolia is a delicate Arctic-Alpine from the Orchid family. It is a rare species as it is found in a limited area of Newfoundland, between Cook's Harbour and Burnt Island.*

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Amerorchis Rotundifolia



                                                             Polar Bear


* Source: Information provided by Permanent Mission of the Canada to the OAS.


Updated: 19 March 2008