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National Symbols


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Coat of Arms

National Flag


National Flower

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The Rose

The National Flag*:
St. Lucian artist Dunstan St. Omer, designer of the National Flag, has described it as follows:

1- On a plain blue field, a device consisting of a white and black triangular    shape, at the base of which a golden triangle occupies a central position.
2- The Triangles are superimposed on one another the black on the white, and the gold on the black. The black ends as a three-pointed star in the centre of the flag.
3- The width of the white part of the triangle is one-and-a-half inches on both sides of the black. The distance between the peaks of the black and white triangles is four inches.
4- The triangles share a common base the length of which is one-third of the full length of the flag.

Meaning of the flag:

1- Cerulean Blue represents fidelity. This Blue reflects our tropical sky and also our emerald surrounding waters- the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
2- Gold represents the prevailing sunshine in the Caribbean and prosperity.
3- Black and white stand for the cultural influences- the white part, the white culture; the black part, the black culture- the two races living and working in unity.
4- The design impresses the dominance of the negro culture vis-a-vis that of Europe, against a background of sunshine and ever-blue sea. This is represented by the three triangles in the centre of the flag, symbolising three pitons.
5- The Triangle, the shape of which is an isosceles triangle, is reminiscent of the island's famous twin Pitons at Soufriere, rising sheer out of the sea, towards the sky themselves, a symbol of the hope and aspirations of the people.

Coat of Arms*:
he emblems on the Coat of Arms and what they represent are:
The Tudor Rose:     England.
Fleur de Lys:        France.
The African Stool:  Africa.    
Torch:               A beacon to light the path.        
The St. Lucian Parrot Amazona versicolor: The National Bird

The Coat of Arms of Saint Lucia is the official seal of the Government of Saint Lucia.

The National Flowers*:
  The Rose and the Marguerite are the symbols of the two flower societies of Saint Lucia. They emerged as winners of the National Flower Competition in September 1985. The National Flowers are associated with the Flower Festivals.


*Source: "The National Symbols of Saint Lucia", 2nd edition. Published by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Labour, Government of Saint Lucia.  Print by: Voice Publishing Co. (1953) Ltd. Information Provided by the Permanent Mission of Saint Lucia to the OAS.


Updated: 12 May 2008

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