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National Symbols


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Coat of Arms

National Flag*


National Flower

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The Sacuanjoche called "Flor de Palo" or "Flor de Mayo"


The National Flag*:
The flag is the symbol representing our country. It consists of three horizontal stripes: a white stripe in the middle and two blue stripes on either side. In the white center stripe is the national seal which consists of a triangle of three equal sides. The triangle symbolizes the equality that should reign amongst all Nicaraguans. Within the seal are the images of five volcanoes representing the five countries which achieved their independence from Spain un 1821. These volcanoes arise from an image of water which represents the oceans that border Central America on either side. Inside the seal there is a red cap which symbolizes freedom. Freedom is like the sun whose rays shine down on Central America. Those rays radiate from behind the red cap as if this symbol were the sun itself. Above the red cap is a rainbow, which represents the hope of all Nicaraguans for a prosperous and ever better Nicaragua. Surrounding the triangle are inscriptions which read: "Republic of Nicaragua, Central America".

* Source: Permanent Mission of Nicaragua to the OAS. 


Updated: 8 May 2008

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