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Coat of Arms

National Flag


National Flower

The Dagger Log (Agave Karatto Miller)

National Flag*:
                          Mr. Reginald Samuel's last minute entry captured first place in a 1966 flag design competition. The seven point Golden Sun symbolises the dawn of a new era. Red: lifeblood of slave forefathers and dynamism of the people. Blue: hope. Black: soil and African heritage. Gold, Blue and White: Antigua and Barbuda's tourist attractions- sun, sea and sand. "V": Victory at last.

The National Flower*:
The Dagger Log, (Agave Karatto Miller).
This yellow flower rises from the large rosette formed by the Agave plant.

Years ago, fishing rafts were made from the flower's log (or stem) and fishing bait was made from the white interior pulp of the leaves.

The National Tree*:
The Whitewood (Bucida Buceras L).
This wide-spreading ornamental shade tree with nearly horizontal branches is part of the Combretun family and related to the mangroves and almond trees. Its timber is heavy and hard and was once used for making gun carriages. Because of its "black heart", the tree was once known as "Black Gregory".

*Source: "National Symbols of Antigua and Barbuda", brought to you by Bank of Antigua. Information provided by Permanent Mission of Antigua and Barbuda to the OAS.



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