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1.   Area:  9,629,091 sq. km.*

2.   Population: 301,139,947 (July 2007 est.)

3.   Capital:  Washington, District of Columbia*

4.   Population Of Capital: 572,000*

5.   Language: English 82.1%, Spanish 10.7%, other Indo-European 3.8%, Asian and Pacific Island 2.7%, other 0.7% (2000 census); note: Hawaiian is an official language in the state of Hawaii

6.   Date of OAS membership:  1948

7. Geography: The United States is located in North America, bordering both the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  Canada lies to the north, and Mexico, to the south. 

8. Climate: The U.S. climate is mostly temperate, but the country is so vast that weather varies greatly between regions.  In Hawaii and Florida the climate is tropical, while in Alaska, it is arctic.  In the Great Plains, west of the Mississippi River, the climate is semiarid; whereas in the Great Basin of the southwest, it is arid.

9. History 

10. Government

11. Photographs

* Source: Permanent Mission of the United States to the OAS. 


Updated: 20 May 2008

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