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1. Area: 2,944 square kilometers

2. Population: 111,617 (1999)*

3. Capital:  Kingstown*

4. Population of the Capital: 16,209 (1995)*

5. Language: English*

6. National Heroes: Carib Chief Chatoyer*

7. Date of OAS membership: 1981*

8. History:

     Before the Europeans arrived in the fifteenth century, St. Vincent had been inhabited by the Ciboney, Arawak and Carib Indians.Varying legends attribute to it the Indian names of 'Hairouna', 'Land of the Blessed', 'Youroumei', descriptive of its many valleys and 'Youlou'. However, like the original inhabitants themselves, these names were virtually wiped out, and the name given by the Spanish colonizers, 'San Vincente', for their patron saint, remained. The Grenadines, the chain of small islands located between St. Vincent and Grenada, derived their name, like the latter, from the Spanish "Granada".The Grenadines were included as a part of the official name of the country on its attainment of Independence from Britain in 1979.*

* Source: Permanent Mission of St. Vincent & The Grenadines to the OAS.


Updated: 14 May 2008


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