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     Venezuela is a federal republic. The president is elected by a vote with direct and universal suffrage. The president functions as both the head of state and head of government. According to the 1999 Constitution, the President serves a term of six years, and is authorized to a two-term limit. The president appoints the vice-president and decides the size and composition of the cabinet and, in consultation with the legislature, makes appointments to it.

The legislature is composed of a unicameral parliament known as the National Assembly or Asamblea Nacional. The National Assembly consists of 167 deputies, of which three are reserved for indigenous peoples. Each deputy serves five-year terms and may be re-elected for a maximum of three terms. They are elected by popular vote.

The judicial branch is represented in the Supreme Tribunal of Justice or Tribunal Supremo de Justicia, whose magistrates are elected by parliament for a single twelve-year term.

Additionally, the National Electoral Council or Consejo Nacional is in charge of all electoral processes. It is comprised of five directors elected by the National Assembly.




Updated: 25 February 2008