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     Antigua's system of government is best described as a constitutional monarchy, and it is patterned after the British Parliamentary System. Parliament consist of two houses. The lower house, or House of Representatives consists of 17 members all of whom are elected by universal adult franchise, and the upper house, or Senate which has 17 members all of whom are nominated by a system that gives the government of the day a majority. The day-to-day administration of the country is based on a ministerial system called the Cabinet of Ministers, which is headed by the Prime Minister.

         The head of State is the Queen of England, however, she is represented by a Governor General. While the central government in Antigua maintains full responsibility for the affairs of Barbuda, a locally elected Council assumes the daily administrative functions of the sister island. Elections are held every five years every five years.*

*Source: Permanent Mission of Antigua & Barbuda to the OAS


Updated: 29 February 2008


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