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1. Area: 1,138,910 sq. km.

2. Population: 44,379,598 (July 2007 est.)

3. Capital: Bogotá

The name Bogota has origin in the indigenous word Bacatá, name of the capital of the Zipas, which means "fence out of the farming ". The town also received the nickname Muequetá ("field or savanna of the farming") and Funza ("powerful male"). Precisely in the territory of the current municipality of Funza, neighbor of Bogota, and probably in the path of the political leader, was the finding of the majority of the population of Bacatá.

4. Language: Español

5. Date of OAS membership: 1948 (Original Member)

6. Description: The Republic of Colombia receives its name in honor of the discoverer of America, Cristóbal Columbus. Located on the north-western corner of South America allows it to have access to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Also it has jurisdiction on a stretch of the Amazon in the Amazon basin, through which it has been given the name "Homeland of Three Seas."

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* Source: "Colombia, Turist Guide" , published by Fondo de Promoción Turística de Colombia. Ministerio de Desarrollo Económico, Viceministerio de Turismo. Information provided by Permanent Mission of Colombia to the OAS.


Updated: 19 March 2008