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1. Area: 431 square kilometers*

2. Population (1998): 266,800*

3. Capital: Bridgetown*

4. Population of Capital (1990): 97,516*

5. Language: English*

6. National Heroes: Sarah Ann Gill, Samuel Jackman Prescod, Charles Duncan O’Neal, Clement Payne, Sir Hugh Springer, Sir Frank Walcott, Sir Garfield Sobers, The Rt. Hon. Errol Barrow, Sir Granley Adams, Bussa*

7. Date of OAS membership: 1967*

8. Description of Barbados*:
   Barbados is located in the eastern Caribbean.*   

    Barbados as the most easterly island in the Caribbean chain of islands, stretching from Florida on the North American mainland to the Guianas on the Northern mainland of South America, stands in splendid isolation.
Most of the island is made up of soft marine deposits of coral limestone. This limestone cover gives way in the north-eastern part of the island to a terrain of clays and sandstones comprising the Scotland marine sedimentary formation.

8. History

9. Government

10. Economy

11. Photographs

* Source: Permanent Mission of Barbados to the OAS. 
* Source: "Fact Sheet"
, published by The Barbados Government Information Service. Information provided by Government of Barbados.


Updated: 29 February 2008

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