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1. Area:  Antigua: 280 square kilometers*
        Barbuda: 161 square kilometers*

2. Population: 75,000*

3. Capital:  St. John’s (Antigua)*
                 Codrington (Barbuda)*

4. Population of Capital: 30,000*

5. Language: English*

6. Date of OAS membership: 1982*

7. Description of Antigua and Barbuda*:
The twin-island state of Antigua and Barbuda, is situated 61 degrees west longitude and between 17 and 18 degrees north latitude. Both islands from the nation of Antigua and Barbuda since November 1, 1981, when negotiations with the British resulted in their independence. The islands unique location within the very heart of the Caribbean archipelago with white and pink sand beaches, numerous coves and inlets, grassy plains and rolling hills, mild tropical climate and friendly people, have made them a favorite vacation paradise for visitors from the major tourist markets such as United States and Europe.

8. History*

9. Government*

10. Economy*

. National Heroes: Sir V.C. Bird and Sir Vivian Richards*

12 Photographs

*Source: Permanent Mission of Antigua & Barbuda to the OAS



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