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Jose Silverio Olaya Sloop


Jose Silverio Olaya Sloop was a martyr in the fight of Peruvian independence, born in Chorrillos in 1782. In the fight of the independence of Peru, he participated as a secret emissary taking messages between the government and rebels. He was discovered, caught, and tortured until death; in spite of the tortures, never he revealed his mission.



Julio Ramon Ribeyro

Julio Ramón Ribeyro Zúñiga  was born on August 31, 1929, in Lima, Peru and died on  December 4, 1994. He was a Peruvian writer, known for his short stories, but also his novels, essays, theater, diary and aphorism. His work has been translated into numerous languages, including English. Ribeyro studied literature and law in Universidad Católica in Lima. In 1960 he immigrated to Paris where he worked as a journalist in France Presse and then as cultural advisor and ambassador to UNESCO.



Jose Abelardo Quinones Gonzales

Jose Abelardo Quinones Gonzales was a Peruvian military aviator and national aviation hero. He died during the battle of Zarumilla in the Ecuadorian–Peruvian war. After his death he was declared a national hero by law on May 10, 1966. Named in his honour is the Cap. FAP José A. Quiñones Gonzales International Airport near his town of birth in Chiclayo. When the new currency of Peru (nuevo sol) was introduced in 1991 he appeared on the 10 S/. Banknote.


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