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Terry Fox*

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Lying in hospital, recovering from having his right leg amputated, 18-year-old Terry Fox envisioned a way not only to beat his cancer, but to fight the disease worldwide. The Marathon of Hope would raise both awareness and funds for cancer research. On April 12, 1980, he dipped his artificial foot into the Atlantic and began an astounding journey across Canada. Averaging 42 km a day for 143 days, he inspired thousands of Canadians and raised $1.7 million. But, in Thunder Bay, he learned the cancer had spread to his lungs and he returned home to British Columbia, dying ten months later. Terry's goal of one dollar donated by every Canadian was fulfilled when contributions reached $24.1 million. His heroism lives on today in runs in 52 countries, from Ottawa to Canberra, which raised over $21.5 million last year. His statue stands in a special place of honour, across from the gates to Parliament Hill.

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Updated: 19 March 2008

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