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Obeah is used in the West Indies to refer to folk magic, sorcery, and religious practices derived from Central African and West African origins. Obeah can either be a form of 'dark' magic or 'good' magic. As such, Obeah is similar to Palo, Voodoo, Santeria, rootwork, and hoodoo.

Obeah is associated with both benign and malign magic, charms, luck, and with mysticism in general. In some Caribbean nations Obeah refers to African diasporic folk religions in other areas, Christians may include elements of Obeah in their religion—Obeah is associated with the Spiritual Baptist church—and the word Obeah, although not the practice of Obeah.

Obeah bears some similarity to Voodoo which is found in former French colonies and Santeria which is found in former Spanish and Dutch colonies. All of these practices have a blend of African and European myths and beliefs regarding spiritual and mystical unknowns.





Updated: 12 May 2008