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Marinera Dance

The "Marinera" is a dance dedicated to courtship and love; and it is danced in all regions of Peru acquiring its own forms based on the location: The Northern region (Norteña), the city of Lima (Limeña), and the highlands (Serrana).


Tondero Dance

The Tondero is a customary dance of couples that was likely originated in the Northern Coastal district of Peru of Saña Lambayeque. The Tondero represents the pursuit of the rooster to the chicken. Women wear a nightdress called "anaco" that on top looks like a blouse over the wide skirt that is fitted to her waist. The famous "Dormilonas" are very noticible, artistic slopes (earrings) worked in filigree, created by the town's goldsmith. The male wears a fine-hay hat, a striped or white shirt, northern girdle and white or black pants.


Festejo Dance

Festejo is a sensual dance of rhythmical nature and happy pace, that can be of challenge or competition between the dancers.  The lyrics narrate the customs, happy moments, sorrows and sufferings of the black race. Black inhabitants created the surrounding areas of Lima during the 17th century. During this time period, only percussion instruments were used like "El Cajón", an instrument made out of wood. The musician would sit and play the tipical rithms with his/her fingers and palms.




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