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Anancy, The Spider

Anancy is thought to have played part in the creation of the sun, stars, and the moon as a spider-god. The image of the spider is believed to demonstrate the character’s connection to nature and earth, as well as represent strength through the creature’s eight legs. There are numerous stories and variations of the story of the spider, which have evolved over time; however, Anancy is always depicted as a trickster, often getting himself and other animals or people in trouble. On most occasions, the tricks tend to backfire upon Anansi, leading him to learn a valuable lesson that transcends into the traditional folklore told in Grenada.


La Diablesse, the devil woman

La Diablesse, the devil woman, is personified both as an old crone and as a young woman. Stories of La Diablesse show her in the forest or acting helpless on a lonely road. She is recognized in stories by the sound of chains mingling with the movements of her petticoat. She lures unsuspecting people, often males, to their death or madness. She is always dressed in the traditional costume of the island nation: madras turban, chemise with half sleeves, embroidered in lace, and gold.



Updated: 25 April 2008

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