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Folklore in Ecuador is protected by its deep indigenous roots and Amazonic cultures. It extends beyond stories and tradition, and ranges from region to region. Music, dance, food and culture all embody a unique aspect of Ecuadorís culture that has transcended time, giving this country a strong tradition of folklore.


The Enchanted Stone

The Enchanted Stone is a story that is set to keep children from wrongdoing. The stone, located in the Working District, could grant wishes and is an abundant source of information. Out of fear for its powers, no one dared to speak to the stone. The stone also had powers to punish children who did not listen to their parents. Parents tell this story to their children to keep them out of this part of the city as it is often a place where young lovers come to meet.


The King and the Falling Star

This traditional indigenous tale recounts the story of the King who used a falling star the he and his people followed on the insistence of the gods. The star took them to Pichincha Volcano, where they relocated to found the city of Quito.


Building of the San Francisco Atrium

A man by the name of Cantuna was falling behind schedule on the building he was being paid to construct. After many hours of work and prayers to finish the job on time, Cantuna thought he would never get it done. One day, Satan offered to help Cantuna finish the job in exchange for his soul. Cantuna made the deal on the condition that not a single stone would be out of place. The devilís workers finished the Church atrium, but in their haste forgot one of the stones and Cantuna was able to keep his soul.




Updated: 9 April 2008

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