Is a success, I must confess!

It helps us all achieve our dreams

Because it supports important themes

Its main concern is democracy

So all our citizens can live strong and free

It always fights for human rights

And its work for peace has reached important heights

What a sensation are its programs on education

Not to mention its assistance to electoral observation

Preserving the environment has always been a priority

And endless programs are advanced to eliminate poverty

Trade is important to increase prosperity

And the promotion of culture, art and science is necessary for posterity

The fight against drugs is a serious matter

While arms control, security and terrorism are as important as the latter

Protecting women and children is a must

And our labor initiatives will never rust

We are constantly praised for our defense of indigenous populations

In the same manner that we support telecommunications

The Convention on Corruption that we signed

Is as significant as the territory that we’ve so successfully demined

Developing technology helps improve our lives

Just as fostering tourism brings good vibes

Our task with ports is of great stature

And we always make sure to promote leadership and valor

Hemispheric Summits and civil society

Are finally the two initiatives that have given us so much notoriety

The OAS, the OAS

Is a success, I’m proud to stress!

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