Secretary General of the Organization of American States


Journalist, politic, diplomat, writer and author. He was born in Bogota the 3rd of July of 1906. He studied in Ricaurte School of Bogota, in the School of "Nuestra Señora del Rosario" and in the Law Program in Political Sciences in the same city.

He started working in the media in the newspaper "La República" which was founded by the Doctor Alfonso Villegas Restrepo; later he collaborated in "El Tiempo" and "El Espectador" Bogota’s newspapers. He traveled to Argentina in 1926 and there he worked in "La Nación" of Buenos Aires, also in newspapers and magazines from that city.

He traveled to Europe in 1929 as special correspondent of "El Mundo" of Buenos Aires, to the International Exposition of Sevilla, Spain. He came back to Bogota in 1929 and rejoined the newspaper "El Tiempo", as Editing Chief. He was the director of "La Tarde", that was edited in Bogota for a period of about a year.

He was again Editing Chief of "El Tiempo" in charged of the editorial section until 1934. In 1938 he founded "El Liberal" which was the newspaper that he directed until 1942. In 1929 he was named General Secretary of the Liberal Party; he was elected to the House of Representatives in 1931/1933 and was the first Liberal President of the corporation after 45 years of conservative domination.

He was part of the Colombian Delegation to the Montevideo Conference in 1934; He also was Secretary of the Embassy that accompanied Dr. Alfonso López, elected President, in his official visit to United States in 1934, he was General Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic when the López administration began in 1934; He was Government Minister from 1935 to 1938; he directed the Ministry of National Education for a short period.

Dr. Lleras Camargo was delegated to the Inter- American Conference of Buenos Aires, in which he proposed the foundation of the American Nations League; He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1941, in which he was its first president; the National Convention elected him member of the Liberal National Direction; He was elected in 1943 senator and once again member of the Liberal National Direction; in April of 1943 he was designed Ambassador of Colombia to the United States Government.

In October of 1943 he was named once again Government Minister and he reminded in that position until January of 1945. Later he was designated External Relations Minister until august 7 of 1945, in that date he began his function as the Commander Chief because of the Titular’s Commander Chief resignation.

He was Chief of the Colombians Delegations to the Chapultepec Conference (February of 1945) and to the United Nations Conference celebrated in San Francisco from April to June of 1945. He was named Doctor honoris causa of Cauca University (Popayan, Colombia) and the California University in United States too. He married General’s Arturo Puga daughter Miss. Berta Puga; General Puga was ex Chief Commander of Chile. Dr. Lleras Camargo had three daughters and one son: Consuelo, Ximena, Marcela, and Alberto.