(June 20, 1984-1994)

Secretary General of the Organization of American States

Ambassador Joćo Clemente Baena Soares was who assumed as a General Secretary of the Organization of American States (OEA) on Jun 20 of 1984. He is an experienced diplomat from Brazil and just a few days before he took place in the Inter - American position for which he was elected by the OAS’s General Assembly by unanimity in march, he was General Secretary of the Ministry of External Relations of his country.

As OAS letter dispositions he was supposed to stay for a period of five years, as sixth General Secretary with the possibility of being re elected for a similar additional period.

Joćo Clemente Baena Soares contributed to OAS with his valuable experience of more than 31 years of diplomatic service in his country. He occupied very important positions while he was serving to his country; all this positions were really representative to the Brazilian External policies. He was born in Belem do Para on may 14 of 1931, Baena Soares has a deep and broad academic formation in the legal field.

The Brazilian diplomat is married with Ms. Glaucia de Lima de Baena Soares and has three sons.

Ambassador Baena Soares has been awarded by the governments of all the worldwide regions because of his contributions to International Relations field.