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Soursop Bush Tea*


Soursop leaves
Cinnamon Leaves


1. Heat four cups of water in a kettle or saucepan until water comes   to a boil.
2. Wash sour sop and cinnamon leaves thoroughly and place in a clean tea pot or saucepan.
3. Pour boiling water over leaves, using approximately three soursop leaves per cup of boiling water.
4. Cinnamon leaves or lemon grass may be added to the mix for additional flavour.
5. Cover and allow to 'draw' undisturbed for about five to ten minutes.
6. Remove leaves.
7. Sweeten to taste.

Soursop tea is a delicious and calming nightcap which helps little children to sleep soundly. Adults also swear by its calming properties, and its cooling effects on high fevers.






Updated: 12 May 2008

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