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9 July 2001
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(Adopted by the Permanent Council at its meeting of June 27, 2001)


At its meeting of June 27, 2001, the Permanent Council considered the report presented by the Chair of the Permanent Council on the timetable for consideration of the Resolution of San Josť, Costa Rica – Inter-American Democratic Charter [AG/RES. 1838 (XXXI-O/01)], which is attached to this note.

After listening to the comments made by delegations on the aforementioned timetable/, the Permanent Council decided to adopt it.



June 28, 2001







(Permanent Council, June 27, 2001)




Preliminary considerations


This draft timetable is prepared with a view to the following considerations:


    1. Resolution AG/RES. 1838 (XXXI-O/01) accepts the appendix thereto, the draft Charter, as the base document for final consideration by the member states.


    1. It sets September 10, 2001 as the deadline for the work of the Permanent Council.
    2. It determines to take account of any consultations that member state governments may make in keeping with their constitutional procedures, as well as of the views of civil society.


This schedule therefore allows for a brief period, in early July, for general discussion of principles to enable all states to express their preliminary views on the base document; a second consultation phase; a period for the preparation of material based on such consultations in order to streamline the work of the Council; and a final intensive discussion phase prior to the special session of the General Assembly.


Mindful of such considerations, the Chair makes the following:





Preliminary discussion


On July 11, 2001, the Council will hear preliminary presentations on the base document.





Governments may make the consultations to which resolution AG/RES. 1838 (XXXI-O/01) refers until August 10, 2001.


As from July 9, 2001, a Permanent Council Internet portal will be opened for receipt of the views of civil society. August 10, 2001 will be the deadline for receipt of such views.

Preparation of material

The General Secretariat team will complete the classification, tabulation, and organization of the pertinent material by August 14, 2001.


August 15-29, 2001 will be the period for intensive discussion.


Discussion will take place as follows: the Council will serve as a working group open to all missions. When discussion of each chapter has been completed, a meeting of the Council will be convened for the corresponding formal approval.


During its deliberations, the Council may consult the Inter-American Juridical Committee (CJI) and the Secretariat for Legal Affairs in connection with any concerns or questions that may arise regarding the corresponding texts.


General Assembly


The special session of the General Assembly will be held in Lima, on September 10, 2001.

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