The Columbus Memorial Library wishes to offer the “Analytical Index of Resolutions and Declarations of the General Assembly, 1970-1997” in two formats: hard copy and MSWord version.  The index was prepared in Spanish and English in 1998.  If you wish to purchase a hard copy, please send your request to : 

Columbus Memorial Library
Organization of American States
c/o R. Gutierrez
19th St. and Constitution Ave., NW
Washington, D.C.  20006-4499
Fax (202)  458-3914


The cost of the each copy is $30.00 + $ 3.00 (shipping and handling)


On the other hand, the MSWord version is available at $10.00 (pre payment).  This file only contains the analytical index.  The table of contents, explanatory note, and charts are not included in this version.