Organization of American States


December 20,2001

Gaviria Calls For Constitutional Transition in Argentina 


Organization of American States Secretary General Cesar Gaviria announced today that he deeply regrets the climate of violence and the tragic deaths over the past two days as a result of public demonstrations in Argentina over current economic problems. 

“The loss of life over the past two days adds a new and tragic dimension to the severe economic problems facing Argentina,” he said. Gaviria hailed the resignation of President de la Rua as a “patriotic gesture, which I hope will reduce tensions in Argentina.” 

Gaviria called for the constitutional succession process to begin, in the wake of de la Rua’s resignation, and asked Argentinians to work closely with the incoming president “to end the current violence and strengthen confidence in democratic institutions.” 

The Secretary General invited the international community, including multilateral economic and financial institutions, to assist Argentina in any appropriate manner, to help bring the country back to economic growth and prosperity.