Organization of American States


December 18, 2001




Today, at the headquarters of the Organization of American States, the governments of Belize and Guatemala convened a ministerial meeting. The Guatemalan delegation was headed by Gabriel Orellana Rojas, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the delegation of Belize was headed by David Gibson, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

During this meeting, the Panel of Facilitators, composed of Sir Shridath Ramphal and Paul Reichler, reported on the progress attained to date in their efforts to resolve the territorial differendum between the two countries. 

The Facilitators said that this Wednesday they would present to the delegations a list of proposals and recommendations designed to avoid any future border incidents that could hinder the progress of the negotiations. 

The meeting today was held in a friendly atmosphere of cooperation and understanding.  The heads of both delegations said the recent incidents that took place in the Adjacency Zone should not adversely impact the progress achieved throughout this year of negotiation and rapprochement between the parties. 

The Secretary General congratulated both delegations for their undeniable commitment and dedication to the process, recognizing the progress and development that is being carried out by the Facilitators with OAS technical support .