Port-au-Prince, May 13, 2002

Ref. 03/02 

 The Independent Commission of Inquiry (ICI), made up of three international jurists:  Amb. Roberto Flores Bermúdez, Chair, Dr. Nicholas Liverpool, and Dr. Alonso Gómez Robledo Verduzco, members,  will continue, as of May 13, 2002 its investigative mission in Haiti on the events of December 17, 2001 and their aftermath.  The members of the Independent Commission of Inquiry will remain in Haiti until May 23, 2002. 

During its stay, the Independent Commission of Inquiry will continue meeting with Haitian officials and with all segments of Haitian society that might be helpful in bringing the mission to a conclusion.  It will also visit Cap-Haïtien and les Cayes to meet with victims and visit  the premises and houses that were looted and set on fire.   It will also hold interviews with local authorities. 

The doors of the office of the Independent Commission of Inquiry, which has been in operation at 4, rue François à Musseau, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, since April 8, 2002,  will remain open to all interested parties.  It is headed by Dr. Bertha Santoscoy, Executive Secretary and spokesperson for the Independent Commission of Inquiry.