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OAS Takes in Thailand And Turkey as Observer Countries

September 17, 1998

Thailand and Turkey on Wednesday became the newest observer countries to he Organization of American States (OAS), after the Permanent Council passed a resolution granting them the status

The Council=s decision, recommended in a report from the Committee on Juridical and Political Affairs which considered the matter, has now brought the number of permanent observers to 45.

In 1971 the OAS created the permanent observer status as it convened its first regular General Assembly sitting, allowing observers in on open meetings of the General Assembly, the Permanent Council and its main committees. Observer countries among other things assist with training programs and experts, and have donated equipment and made financial contributions towards various OAS programs. AThe growing interest shown by countries from several regions of the world that have historical, cultural or trade ties with OAS member countries demonstrates the growing importance of the nations of the Americas and the OAS itself in international relations,@ the Permanent Council chairman, Uruguay=s Ambassador Antonio Mercader stated as he presided over the meeting.

Last year, the OAS received some $7.2 million dollars in total contributions from France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Sweden and the European Union. Another 1.2 million dollars in contributions came from Denmark and Norway which are not observers.

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