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OAS Hails New Belize Leader

August 28, 1998

Organization of American States (OAS) Assistant Secretary General Christopher R. Thomas is among those congratulating Said Musa and his People=s United Party (PUP) which was swept to power in Belize Thursday.

In his letter to Mr. Musa who was sworn in as prime minister Friday, Ambassador Thomas commended the people of Belize for Athe orderly conduct and peaceful process of democratic change and congratulate you on your party=s victory.@

As Mr. Musa and the PUP were savoring what has been declared a landslide victory, the OAS deputy head conveyed his Afullest cooperation and that of the Organization of American States,@ adding that Athose of us who have accompanied you in your trajectory over the years know how richly deserving is this victory.@ Ambassador Thomas expressed the view that Belize and the entire region stood to benefit from Mr. Musa=s leadership and experience Aas we enter the new millennium.@

This was the fourth general election in Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, since it became independent from Britain in 1981. Belize, which has a population of some 230,000, became a member of the hemispheric OAS in 1991.

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