Organization of American States

June 25, 2002 


Ambassador Staffan Wrigstad, Deputy Director General and Head of the Department for the Americas at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has announced that the Swedish Government will donate one million Swedish Kronor (approximately US$100,000) to the OAS Mission to Haiti. 

“Sweden is happy to support the OAS Mission to Haiti. We attach great importance to the efforts of regional organizations to promote democracy and human rights”, Ambassador Wrigstad said . “We hope that this contribution will enable the OAS to continue its efforts to help the people of Haiti overcome their current political difficulties”’ he added. 

OAS Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Luigi Einaudi noted that Sweden "has been a partner and friend to the Organization and over the years has shown support for democracy in this hemisphere."    

"This contribution, which comes just as the Commissions inquiring into the violence of December 17, 2001 are preparing their findings, is further proof of the breadth of international support for democracy in Haiti," Einaudi said.  

Sweden became a Permanent OAS Observer on March 20, 1996, and has made a significant contribution to OAS activities in the hemisphere, especially with respect to democracy issues, human rights, and demining.