March 30, 2001



The Assistant Secretary General of the OAS, Ambassador Luigi R. Einaudi, will visit Haiti April 1-4 to undertake consultations in behalf of Secretary General Cesar Gaviria with the government and major sectors of the political community and civil society on efforts to resolve the crisis arising from the elections of May 21, 2000 and to strengthen democracy and respect for human rights in Haiti.

"Recent tensions are a clear sign that an immediate dialogue among all Haitians is overdue," said the Assistant Secretary General. "The truce called for by President Aristide could contribute greatly to conditions for dialogue and reconciliation."

On March 14, 2001, the OAS Permanent Council approved resolution CP/RES 786 calling on the Secretary General to undertake consultations and to propose "measures that could contribute to the strengthening of the democratic process in Haiti." This decision followed the issuance by the OAS of its Third Report on the Mission to Haiti on March 13 and a presentation made to the Council by the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship proposing anticipated dates for legislative elections.

The Secretary General is to report on conditions for dialogue to the Permanent Council no later than May 2, 2001.