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March 14
, 2001




The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Haiti, Joseph Philippe Antonio, told the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) today that he had come to the Organization as part of Haiti's "search for a consensual solution of the crisis stemming from the elections of May 21, 2000."

The recently-appointed Foreign Minister presented a new calendar for legislative elections. He argued that a number of measures had already been implemented in keeping with an eight-point plan of engagement to which President Jean Bertrand Aristide had committed himself in a letter to the United States President last December 27.

He asked for the continued assistance of the OAS in facilitating an effective dialogue in Haiti.

Noting that "the resolution of the crisis arising from the Haitian elections of May 21, 2000 is essential to the strengthening of democracy and respect for human rights in Haiti," the Permanent Council passed a resolution in which it requested the Secretary General to "undertake the necessary consultations with the Government of Haiti and other sectors of the political community and civil society… for a dialogue to resolve the crisis arising from the elections of May 21, 2000 and the strengthening of democracy and respect for human rights in Haiti."

The resolution further asked the Secretary General to report to the Permanent Council by May 2 on his consultations and to propose, as appropriate, "other measures that could contribute to the strengthening of the democratic process in Haiti."

Representatives of the opposition Convergence Démocratique were present at the meeting and conveyed their concerns, informally, to members of the Permanent Council.