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February 2, 2001


Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary General César Gaviria has asked the Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Luigi R. Einaudi, to represent him at the ceremony marking the assumption of office of the new President of Haiti on February 7, 2001. The Secretary General’s request comes as a result of letters of January 4 and 17 from President Préval, inviting him to the event and requesting the OAS to resume efforts "to accompany Haiti in consolidating democratic institutions and respecting human rights."

Ambassador Einaudi will use his presence in Haiti to keep the lines of communication open to all involved so as to determine to what extent conditions are met for continued identification by the OAS, together with the Government and other sectors of the political community and civil society of that country, of options and recommendations to overcome the current political impasse in the country.

The Assistant Secretary General will also take the opportunity to assess possibilities for putting into effect such other measures as may be deemed appropriate for further strengthening democracy in Haiti, in keeping with CP/RES 772 approved by the Organization's Permanent Council in August 2000, and with the eight commitments expressed in December 2000 by the incoming President. These eight commitments were subsequently confirmed to the OAS by Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis when he called on the Assistant Secretary General on 12 January 2001 and in a statement made to the Permanent Council on January 18, 2001 by the Interim Representative of Haiti to the OAS.

The Secretary General continues to insist that broad political representation, fullest citizen participation and security are critical to stability in Haiti.