Organization of American States

December 17, 2001




OAS Secretary General Cesar Gaviria, deeply concerned by reports of a coup attempt and disorder in Port au Prince, vigorously condemns violence and appeals to all Haitians to refrain from acts of mutual aggression. 

With Assistant Secretary General Luigi Einaudi, who returned last week from Port au Prince, the Secretary General stresses the need to complete the accord between the ruling Fanmi Lavalas and the opposition coalition Convergence Democratique being negotiated with the assistance of the OAS.  

President Jean Bertrand Aristide has pledged to the OAS that he will guarantee such an accord, which would address problems arising from the May 2000 elections.   In turn, the OAS and Caricom, with support from the European Union, have said that they would assist the government of Haiti in fulfilling its obligations under the settlement.     

The Secretary General reiterates the importance of the rule of law and pledges the support of the OAS for democracy in Haiti.  “The government and people of Haiti,” he said, “must be allowed to reach a consensual political solution to stabilize the country and facilitate peaceful economic and socialdevelopment.”